Base64 Images Importance

Hi guys, I just want to ask what is the importance of converting images to base64 and what are the effects if I not convert my images to base64 format… Is there will be a problem in the future if I not convert my images? Thanks…

Encoding your application images is the widely used way to upload the images to the server. As we just can not directly send the whole image to the server.

Another benefit of converting images to base64 is performance. For Example, If you have small social media icons in your site and if you convert those in base 64 then those will not be included in page rendering so it will increase the speed of loading of the page.

So you can encode the small images using base64 so that you can increase the overall performance of HTML page.

thanks for the info… gonna convert my images src to base64 while it’s early…

Sounds good! Feel free to contact us incase of any further queries with ionic. Ready to help always :slight_smile:

where is your company base on?

Our company is based in India.

You are from Philippines, right?

yes I am from Philippines… nice to meet you

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