Barcodescanner: use front-camera


Hi guys, I’m using the amazing plugin to scan QR-codes. I know I can go into xcode and change some stuff in there to use the front-camera instead of the default back camera. Does anyone know if this is possible straight from javascript/ionic?

I’ve looked for options to start the barcodescanner with the front camera but couldn’t find any.

Thanks for helping out again!


I don’t believe it’s possible with the barcode scanner plugin. Seems that all you get is the back facing camera, unless you want to dive into obj-c and java code :smile:


Just came back from obj-c land and changed the code to use the front camera by default. I would love to see an option to set the default camera in Javascript when calling the camera. I’m not good enough in obj-c to make that happen but I tried submitting a feature request on github.


Nice! It would be great to see this included as an option.
Might be worth sharing the code in a gist to the cordova folks?