Bad description for Ionic Native ActionSheet


Hello! I did not know where to write, so I’m writing here.

On the site with the documentation for the framework, namely the link: in the usage section, an example of using this plugin is given. But! Interface ActionSheetOptions has one “mandatory” field (not optional) - buttonLabels. Perhaps this feature is observed only in me, but: when enumerating the parameters of ActionSheetOptions, if the first parameter does not specify buttonLabels, then my PHPStorm swears :slight_smile:


Does it only red squiggly it or does it actually break when you run it?
Can you show a screenshot of what you get?


import { ActionSheet, ActionSheetOptions } from '@ionic-native/action-sheet';

Application work correctly in both cases


Do you have something like let buttonLabels = ['Share via Facebook', 'Share via Twitter']; as well?
What does it show when you hover over the red squiggly thing? Normally it shows what it doesn’t like…


You can see example here

this is working fine.



It’s about the native plug-in “Action Sheet”. Despite these red waves, everything works. I just announced that there is such a situation …

I think the implementation of the plugin is simpler and more compact, rather than the example of the link mentioned above)) Why “reinvent the wheel”, if it has already been manufactured …


Interesting why it thinks that this doesn’t match to the definition:


That’s why I wrote - like the type of parameters is the same, but PHPStorm swears )

In general - it does not bother me, but I would like everything to be perfect


Could you create an issue at and include your description and screenshot? Also emphazise that everthing is working just fine, but only the red stuff is strange.


Ok, it will take some time