Backgroundmode plugin not working

I need to execute some tasks in background. To achieve this I installed Backgroundmode plugin. But it seems not to be working.

I configurated an timer to print something in the console after some seconds. If I close the app to the using the side menu or back button nothing is printed. If I just minimeze the app something is printed. This test was made in Android.

How could I execute an task while the app is in background?

what you are describing seems to be the expected behavior.

if you close the app (exit from menu or back button) the app is fully closed and discarded from memory.
only if you “minimize” the app it could remain active in the background.

Just disable the exit from the menu and make sure that when exiting using the back button you intercept it and minimize instead of closing the app.

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And if the user closes it with the side menu?

I know that in Android I can receive fire events like in a timer clock or even make some backgroud processing through a service. Is not that possible in Ionic 2?