Background Geolocation strange behavior in iOS

Hello everyone!

My app has a functionality which draws a path in a map when the user walks. It must work in background too, so I installed this plugin:
It works perfectly in Android and draws the polyline exactly where I walk. But in iOS it presents a strange behaviour. The path is drawn normally, but suddenly something fails and the plugin returns a location “in the past”. I’ll post an example, with a real path around a lake.

Sometimes it “jumps” to a previous point and then returns. I’m receiving a notification: Outstanding bg-task was force-killed, and I suppose this is the cause of the error.

I’m following the steps in the plugin documentation, I call finish() in the end of the subscribed function. I’ll post below part of my code.

// When device ready.
config() {
    let config = {
        notificationTitle: 'Title...',
        notificationText: 'Message...',
        desiredAccuracy: 10,
        stationaryRadius: 20,
        distanceFilter: 10,
        debug: true,
        interval: 500

    this.backgroundGeolocation.configure(config).subscribe((location) => { = location.latitude;
        this.lng = location.longitude;

    }, (err) => {
        // I've never seen this alert.

// When user starts the path.
startBG() {

// When user finishes the path.
stopBG() {

May someone help me with this question?
Thanks in advance!

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similar situation, did you solved it? @Vitorcmaia