Background async execution across multiple components

so we have this 4 page/component Ionic Vue ios app. (not ever web, not currently android),


the splash page component currently retrieves some preferences, if previously saved by the config component

if the config data is found, the config page is skipped (route) and the select page is presented
where the template is sensitive to the data from the preferences

then based on the selection page results, the activity page drives some output

BUT activity is also dependent on hardware found via bluetooth

i want to overlap the splash to activity time with the bluetooth device scanning(which already works)
so I created a service and a store (used by the service and the activity component

can I start a service function (async) in one component(splash or config), have it run to conclusion and post its data to the store, which is then retrieved by the activity component

the store is not persistent across app invocations

so, yes, it works as I had hoped…