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I am on:

  • iPhone 6
  • My app is ionic

Is it possible to achieve this in some way with my own app - see attached img?

To replicate the behaviour:
If you click on a link from the iPhone YouTube native app - then Chromes adds this link in the browser.

Is this a low level integration feature between Chrome and YouTube apps?
Can this Button be used in conjunction with my own app?
I am using a custom URL scheme already to link back from Safari, but this question is related to Chrome.

It may well be impossible to start with because the default _system browser is Safari on iOS.

Any thoughts pleaseā€¦?


This is a low level integration between chrome and youtube. It would require some native code to be written to handle the transition between the two webview.

What you could attempt to do is work with the cordova inappbrowser and go from there.