Back Button Text not showing the word back


Can users of Creator confirm the auto created back button takes the text of the page you are returning to. I have 4 pages and a home page. The auto created back button that is displayed top left in the header has the text of the home page rather than the word Back, except for 1 page that has the word Back for the Back button text even though it is going to the same page as the others.

For example if my initial page for my app is abc123, all subsequent pages show < abc123 as the back button, except for one page which says < Back as I would have expected.

Support tell me this is by design where the pages have taken the name of the page as the back button text. I find this very odd as I don’t know any app where it is required to haver the page name as the back button text rather than the word back.


I remember when I was using Ionic v1 I had the same or similar problems. Changing the behaviour was somehow possible, but a major pain because the different platforms tend to handle this different, and setting it to be “Back” all the time also changed the behaviour for the other platforms and making it different for each platform was loads of code. We just went with the default behaviour in the end - didn’t matter much.