Back button not working


Hello, I would like to know why my back button on page1->page2->page3 does not work; i click on it and url changes but view keeps the same.

I pasted my code here:


Your link does not work

statusCode: 404,
error: "Not Found",
message: "Preview has expired or project does not exist."


Sorry, I update it.


@murilokunze it works for me?


Did you cliked on ‘Page 3’ link and then in the back button? It works? I’m testing on chrome and it did not work.


Sorry you are right, i think i just went as far as page2.

In any case here is the plukr fixed:

Basically you don’t need to create multiple nested states in uiRouter when working in tabbed views, just have all the sub-states in that tab use the “page1” ion-nav-view.


Thanks, but when I click page 3, I want it open it in the same view that link is.