Back button not working in tabs child view

I have a side menu coupled with tabs layout view. In one tab I have two views to display the parent, and the child. In the child view the hamburger icon is replaced by the back button which is expected, the detail view is loaded. When I click the back button, the back button is replaced by the hamburger menu, the title is also changed correctly but the view is still the child one.

I checked the ui-router events, and the from and to states are correct. I tried to use a button to navigate from the detail to the master, and I get the same issue. But if I navigate from the detail to another view, it works.

My master detail tab view looks like:

<ion-view title="{{navTitle}}">

    <ion-tabs tabs-type="tabs-icon-only">
        <ion-tab title="Draft" icon-on="ion-ios7-filing" icon-off="ion-ios7-filing-outline" href="#/main/tabs/draft">
            <ion-nav-view name="draft"></ion-nav-view>
            <ion-nav-view name="draft-detail"></ion-nav-view>

The codepen is showing the layout setup. Unfortunately it works. Do you have an idea where I should look to debug that issue?


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