Back button disappears with $state.transitionTo


Hi, I’ve started with the “tabs” stater app and i have a function that is being called from the view and does a server request, after which in order to enable another function to get the new data from the server i need to reload the page,and i do so in the first function’s .success with:

        $state.transitionTo($state.current, $stateParams, {
            reload: true,
            inherit: false,
            notify: true

the thing is, right after the page is reloaded the back button who was there a second ago disappears for good!, until the app is relunched.

i’m sorry i dont have the time to do this on a codepen, any one has an idea into why that may happen?

p.s. i’m not using the directive ‘nav-clear’

but the ion-nav-back-button does gets an ‘ng-hide’ class when its happening.

Thanks in advance,



any ideas anyone? this is holding me back like a monkey on my head…