Avoid state resolving when user go back


When I navigate through my app states, it always resolve the resources needed to load. That’s ok, but I would want to have the chance of avoid that when the user just want to go to the previous state.

For example, if I go to Settings state and go back to home, I don’t want to wait for a resolve and refresh my resources.

I think this can be done with tabs and I suppose the same thing can be accomplished with normal routes.



This comes with the next version: Please help test: Angular 1.3, improved transitions, cached views, etc

Cached Views: Previously as a user navigated an app, each leaving view’s element and scope would be destroyed. If the same view was accessed again then the app would have to recreate the element. Views can now be cached to improve performance. When a view is navigated away from, its element is left in the DOM, and its scope is disconnected from the cycle. When navigating to a view which is already cached, its scope is reconnected, and the existing element which was left in the DOM becomes the active view. This also allows for scroll position of previous views to be maintained (without skippy jumps). Config variables can be used to disable view caching (set to 0), or change the maximum number of views to cache. You can also disable individual views by using the cache-view=“false” attribute: ionView docs


Great, thanks belibasakis!