Avoid ngCordova camera permission

Hi All,

I’m using ngCordova camera. By clicking on “Select image” button, I can access the photo gallery. However, every time I click the button, it will ask my permission to access. Is there any way to directly go to gallery?

I have add the access camera and external storage in AndroidManifest.xml. Still not working.


I’m having the exact same problem (using camera, permissions added to manifest) and can’t find a way to get around the annoying permissions popup. I found the same question being asked in StackOverflow a couple of days ago, so we are not alone. I’ve tried removing the plugin and reinstalling but no luck. Did you ever get a solution for this?

No mr_k, still can’t find a way to solve this issue.

I didn’t find a solution for this specific problem but I did find a workaround. By using the $cordovaImagePicker library, you can pick images without having to approve permissions every time. It’s not exactly the same type of image picker but it fit my purposes. Unfortunately, it requires a little more coding. Nothing major, just more code. Hope this helps

(BTW, if anybody finds a solution to this issue, I’m all ears. I think using the Camera plugin is easier and cleaner. It allows me to use almost the exact same code for camera & picture gallery.)