Avatar list in a mess

I use ion-list with item-type=“item-avatar” and find my list is in a mess!!!
Here’s my code:http://codepen.io/mjhlybmwq/pen/kvozp

I’m wondering what the mess part is. I see it displaying just fine but with no images because they aren’t sourced.

Can you elaborate on the problem?

Your CodePen is far from complete… you don’t even have image sources set for your avatars. How are we supposed to look into your problem?

I’ve sourced and you will find that images are not in the right place.

Not sure what you’re talking about, everything looks good:

(Sorry, I totally cheated and fixed this issue, and since your codepen uses the nightly build it was automatically fixed).


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Eh… That’s ok! Thx a lot!!!

moral of the story , stop using nightly build … just kidding :smile: