Automatically hide option buttons in list


The behaviour of native apps on iOS in terms of options in a list ist, that they are hidden automatically as soon as I click somewhere else than on the list item.

That auto-hide-feature currently does not work in the nightly build of ionic.
Is it possible to add this so I do not have to hide the option buttons by hand?

Swipe-back to option buttons

You could achieve this with a directive.

.directive('closeOption', function($ionicGesture, $ionicListDelegate) {
  return {
    restrict :  'A',

    link : function(scope, elem, attrs) {
     $ionicGesture.on('touch', function(e){
     }, elem);



Thanks for this code, but the option buttons should hide by single click without navigate to other view (according to href of ion-item), and the second click should be navigated