Auto-update ionic history

I have an app, in which you can create a blog posting in one tab, in another tab you should see a list of your existing blog postings. My problem is now, that this does not automatically update, so I would have to restart the entire app, to view my newest addition, which is highly unpractical.

Thanks in advance! :wink:

Where do you “hold” the list of blog postings? How is it populated?
How do you save the new blog post?

I use a mongoDB to persist the data.

And how do you get that data mongoDB data to the view that displays the blog posts?

Angular rest api call. (Im using the mean stack as the backend)

You have to give a bit more information.

For example post the code that does this call and puts the code into $scope, also the template that is used to show this to the user. Same for the “blog post creation”.