Auto-reload returns to first page on serve

Hi there,

Sorry if this is a dumb question or I’m missing out something very simple. Was previously working (a lot) with Ionic 1.x

The way UI-router worked in Angular 1.x with Ionic, is that you had an url.

So localhost/#/home for example. And if you did changes on a page that was #/users -> you get auto reload back to /user

Now, in Ionic 2, there are no urls, meaning that if you make a change on a /user page, you get returned to home page again. And if that page is login you have to login again for example (unless you hacky). You see how this is a problem? A lot of time getting wasted?

Is there a way to use normal ‘routing with auto-reload’ in Ionic 2? Am I missing out on something very simple?


Well so far I’ve learned about deep linking for PWA

And more topics about that…

But seriously, do I really have to do all this just so that the reload on ionic serve returns me to the right page?

Read the Ionic changelog. URLs are changing. The DeepLinking docs will probably need to change soon. Don’t sink a bunch of time into this until you understand exactly what is going to break.

Deep Linking feels a bit too much anyway for a simple thing like this.

I’m just trying to find out how do I reload a Ionic tab and get returned to it instead of being returned on beginning?

It might not be possible without storing information in a provider you create. Ionic isn’t designed for browser reload. To accommodate that, I had to remove all use of navParams from my code, for example. And the tabs navigation assumes very standard use of the app by a user of a handheld device. There are lots of edge cases where tabs routing is weird. I don’t use tabs for this reason, so maybe a poster who likes tabs more will have a better answer for you. But as a general comment, Ionic is fragile when dealing with browser page refresh.

I figured out there is this example

All though it forces to kinda change structure of existing tabs starter.

So, does testing on emulator/device works normally for you when you auto-reload a change? (how does that behave?)

Thanks for the replies btw

Edit. It doesnt even compile. Bunch of dependency issues there.