Authentication (REST API post request to login) only works when the app on debug mode

So far I have only installed my app on Android (released apk build and installed).

Initially I had issues doing my app’s authentication which is sending a post request to external server for user authentication. To find our why, I used remote debugging using gapDebug. To be able to put my app on debuggable mode, based on some instructions I added


to the element in AndroidManifest.xml file. Once this configuration done, and the new build was released, I installed the app once again and surprisingly I was able to login without any problem. So basically somehow this config resolved the issue. I even removed this config from the AndroidManifest.xml and created another build but same error happened.

So definitely somehow this config is helping the issue to be resolved or probably ignored. and I cant debug my remote app while not on debuggable mode.

It would be helpful to mention that my app works all fine while I use ionic serve --lab and I have resolved all the CORS issues.

Has anyone experience such an issue before?