Authentication is required. You need to sign in to your Google Account

We’re getting the above error message on all android devices after publishing an ionic App? Has anyone come across this before and solved it? We’ve deleted accounts on individual devices but don’t think this is the problem.


Are you requiring any kind of authentication?
Never heard of this issue before, so some more information would help out.

The error occurred on Android devices, after a user tapped the download button in the Play store.

For the record, this “went away” approx 14 hours after the app was published and available for download from the Play store. It blows that an app is visible in the Play store but still not available for download. We wasted a few hours on this.

Hmm, sounds like it may have been an issue on google’s side.
I know that they have recently stepped up their game in app reviews, so it could be something along those lines.