Auth0 login error Windows 10

function exitHandler() {
if (answered) { return; }

callback(new Error('Browser window closed'), null, null, null, null);

ref.removeEventListener('loaderror', errorHandler);
ref.removeEventListener('loadstart', startHandler);
ref.removeEventListener('exit', exitHandler);


ref.addEventListener(‘loaderror’, errorHandler);
ref.addEventListener(‘loadstart’, startHandler);
ref.addEventListener(‘exit’, exitHandler);


Unhandled exception at line 8327, column 3 in ms-appx-web://20591tacticianstudios.quarky/www/lib/auth0-lock/build/auth0-lock.js
0x800a0046 - JavaScript runtime error: Permission denied

When attempting to sign in with Social Media on Windows 10, app crashes… how to fix???

Full source of App:

It is a registry data issue in your system and it is seen in window 10 version because its feature is not compatible with the login system. So you can check or update the registry of your window. You can check error 0x8024200b and here your find window error related solution.