Auth0 Lock popup never closes

I’m trying to use Ionic 2 with Auth0 lock (new to both of them), and I got so far to say that it does authenticate with Google. But, upon authentication all that is left is a popup window with message OK in it. There is some useful stuff in the address bar of that window, but I’m unsure whether I’m supposed to pick that up myself or is it something the Auth0 library should do. Also, while the popup is shown, the main app remains locked.

Hi Fetmen, did you manage to solve your issue with Auth0?
I am encountering the same trouble :confused:

Edit: I just solved it for my project. The latest version of the lock (10.9.x) has a bug, but the lock works fine with 10.8.0

Hi, I haven’t worked on that project since then, but I will try your solution, tnx for sharing.