Auth and internazionalization


Hi, I’ve got an app that require a simple login, not facebook or google, simply email + password and I don’t need to store the user on database.
For this reason I choose to use the basic login that comes with ionic Auth but I’ve got a little problem:

The messages of the password reset are only in english and I can’t find a way to translate it to italian.

Are there a way to do it or I can’t change the languages of the email for the password reset istruction?

Thansk to all.



Isn’t this going to be changed significantly? Please read the most recent blog post. You might be best served creating your own auth service, with pages in Italian, if all you need is something simple. Though if you ever want to expand your auth, you might want to look into a service. It gets tricky fast.


Yep, better read this before you invest more time in Ionic Auth: An important update on "Ionic Cloud" and where we're going with it