[Austin, TX] Full-Stack Web Engineer (Ionic/Vue.js Front End)

Full-Stack Web Engineer

Location: Austin, Texas

Are you an intrepid adventurer looking for new technological challenges to champion and new ventures explore? Do you live at the forefront of emerging best-practices and standards? Can you simultaneously co-exist in both explosive creative innovation and disciplined engineering processes? Are you always nice to both humans and machines?

About Us

  • We’re a conversational commerce startup at the crossroads of ecommerce and text messaging.
  • We love Node.js, Typescript, Javascript (in moderation), Vue.js, Ionic, and PostgreSQL.
  • We’re building a lean platform with the latest cloud virtualization and endpoint technologies.
  • We love using the platform – with lightweight frameworks that can target multiple web and native platforms.
  • We treat our coworkers, customers, partners, and investors with respect and dignity. And we write strong reliable secure code to show that love.
  • We don’t believe in external or arbitrary limits. There’s usually a way. And we’ll find the solution.

About You

  • You’ve been writing full-stack production-quality applications for at least 3 years.
  • You’re equally comfortable deep in the weeds and at the 10,000-foot level.
  • You apply consistent discipline in your coding arts – balancing speed and best practices.
  • You have written a thing or two – and your GitHub (or coding sample) shows it.
  • You love what we love – and your expertise is evident.
  • You’ve never said, “That’s not my job.”

Maybe About You

  • You’ve played with GCP toys and you liked them.
  • You’ve written test code.
  • Secretly, you’re a designer.
  • Even more secretly, you’re a product designer.
  • You wonder to yourself sometimes if you could write a web server in SQL.
  • Or a game.
  • Some of your networked neurons have at one time or another been convoluted.

If you want to open the door and explore more, email us at adventure@stylust.com.
If you want to quietly walk away, press Ctrl-W.