- At-a-glance information for aurora hunters!

This is my first full Cordova / Ionic app, plus my first published app. I’ve been developing it for about six months now, and released it for iOS and Android last week.

It’s an app that is designed to help photographers and night sky enthusiasts view or photograph an aurora (A.K.A Aurora Australis or Aurora Borealis). With it, they can get push notifications when there might be an aurora visible, as well as viewing up-to-the-minute space weather details, live webcam images, plus local weather to help them determine if it’s worth going out.

The back end was written in PHP, the website in AngularJS (so a VERY large portion of my code worked without modifications) and the Pebble smartwatch app in Javasript, so many functions were very cross-platform.

I wrote rather extensively on the process, and wound up using Firefox to generate screenshots for iOS because the Mac I bought was too slow, so anyone looking for some pointers, especially on iOS development, should take a look.

If you’re interested, check out the app landing page, then check out the iOS version (free or ad-free), and the Android version (free or ad-free)


The UI is really nice.:slight_smile:

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Thanks :). When making the site and apps I designed the UI so that you wouldn’t blind yourself viewing the app at night. Far too many apps in the store use bright colours (especially brighter pinks, purples and greens – the colours you’d normally associate with an aurora) and it was really jarring, being in the middle of nowhere, opening up the app and getting blinded, then having to wait a minute while your eyes readjusted.