Audio equalizer

I am working on a radio application where i need a Equalizer to show some movement. Is it possible to do it in Ionic 3?
Is there any packages already built in?

Thank you.

I’m not sure what you mean by showing ‘some movement’ but if you are looking for an equalizer to alter frequencies, WaveSurfer works in Ionic.

I wil give a try and let you know… about the success implementation.
Thanks you

The best audio equalizer on Android and iOS can be found in Superpowered SDK:

I’m waiting for this to become a cordova or capacitor plugin one day.

Great, does it also work in browser?

If it becomes a cordova plugin, it will work on Cordova. but not on Chrome or Opera…

All cordova plugins are Java files with javascript wrappers.

This guy created a React Native wrapper for Superpowered:

Ok, thanks for that. Hopefully it will be a good option for the OP. As for me, not so much.
Maybe on other projects though, so will keep in mind.

The Web Audio API can do this.

Look at this app that was made with Ionic

Yes, web audio API has equalizer too but I think audio SDK is superior to web audio in general.

If you’re on Mac and would willing to use Swift, then try EzAudio.

Unfortunately we use ionic 3 :frowning:

This is what I feel about Ionic as well. Unfortunately, some of the greatest audio SDKs are available for java, objective-c apps.