Attempt to import animation in tabs.!

This is my effort to import animation in tabs starter template.


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That works great ! i wonder why this post has no comments/replies ! especially after ionic removed tab animations since beta 14 … this is much needed :stuck_out_tongue: thanks… helped me !

well am trying to increase the sliding speed and stopping it slowly ! right now its animating but has no stopping effect :slight_smile: but still its good

Thanks again

for some reason classes are not added this way :frowning:

ng-class="{tab-animation-slideInRight:right , tab-animation-slideInLeft:left}"

as soon as i add wih class="tab-animation-slideInRight" it works !

Any way to add dynamically ?

PS :- right and left are the booleans which are set to true one at a time.

Instead of
ng-class="{tab-animation-slideInRight:right , tab-animation-slideInLeft:left}"

ng-class="{‘tab-animation-slideInRight’ :right, ‘tab-animation-slideInLeft’ :left}"

i.e. use apostrophe

i used ng-class before and many times ! the classes go without apostrophe.

Still i tried your way and it didnt work. even this ng-class="{tab-animation-slideInRight:true}" doesn’t work

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


case a: name of class WITHOUT “-”; e.g: “myclass”
ng-class="{myclass: true}"

case b: name of class WITH “-”; e.g: "my-class"
ng-class="{'my-class': true}"
So, the solution is to wrap the name of class with apostrophes

Done :slight_smile:

makes sense ! :grin:

but i dont why it didnt worked ! i tried it…

wait ! worked …

i tried with single class ! let me try with muliple class ! Thanks bro :thumbsup: