Attachments EmailComposer

Hello everybody,

I want to send a mail with my app with a logo in it.
But i can’t manage to attach my picture.
I tried a looooooot of things file://, res:// but nothing works

Here is my last try :{
      to:      '',
      attachments: [this.signatureImage3, 'file://assets/img/LOGO.jpg'],
      subject: 'Avis de passage',
      body:    this.intervention + ' ' + this.hArrivee,
      isHtml: true

My signature is working fine but not the LOGO.

But I used the git of the plugin to find how attach a file…

attachments: [
‘file://img/logo.png’, //=> assets/www/img/logo.png (Android)
'file://css/index.css //=> www/css/index.css (iOS)

I don’t understand why it isn’t working

EDIT : I’m on iOS 11.
I just discovered that when I do “res: //icon.png” I have the icon of Ionic View. Maybe it can’t works with Ionic View and Ionic DevApp ?