Async methods don't excute in mobile broswer based on webkit engine


Hi !
When I was testing my ionic2 page, I found a strange question. All of them run very well on my desktop chrome and Firefox, and also well on iphone 6s safari.
Then I test several android devices, used 3 mobile broswers,they are 360、QQ and UC, my page shows smoothly with 360, but very very slow with UC and 360, even more ,many contents can not be rendered.
After a lot of test, I found the reason is that my async codes didn’t excuted with these two mobile broswers, both the UC and QQ are based on webkit engine. For example,

The alert didn’t show.

Have anyone met this before? Thanks for any suggestions~
BTW,should I upload my app to somewhere on the website to let you guys detecting my bugs more easily? Thanks anyone again~


I tested again,using the following code:



With UC, 3 alert shows,"…before async code"、"…during async code"、“length:6”,but finally,the page’s content is:

It seems that I can get the updated data in components,but with UC,the template WILL NOT update corresponding.


I tested a very simple angular2+webpack application,in the component use the same code, but without any ionic2 tags in template, and my application has nothing to do with ionic2.

Guess what? The UC broswer UPDATE my page corresponding。

So I think there are some polyfills I missed. Hope for any help:joy: