Assign id attribute to back button on ion-navbar

Hi! My ionic application has been using the ion-navbar with the back button with no problem. When the button needs to be hidden, the hideBackButton property is used. However, i need to add an id to the button element to make the automated testing task easier. Since the back button itself is not explicitly on my HTML code, is there a way to add this id attribute through the ion-navbar? Or any other way for this?

Sample navbar:

 <ion-header class="standard-header">
     <ion-title id="page_title"><div innerHtml="{{ pageTitle }}"></div></ion-title>

I know also that the back button text can be specified through the Config parameter in the root app component for the IonicModule. Could it be somehow assign through this config?

  imports: [
     IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp, {statusbarPadding: false, backButtonText: '',scrollAssist: false}),


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