Arquetype capacitor integración with Angular

Good morning, I am dedicated to the development of hybrid applications, I previously worked with Ionic.
I am currently in a Franework Angular team at Mercadona, in which they have created an archetype and monorepo to offer developers the structure, components and others so that they can start working on a solid base.
I am conducting research on capacitors to see if it is necessary to create a capacitor archetype, since Mercadona has made the decision to apply the hybrid mobility layer and we have decided to use Capacitor.

I would like to have a conversation to resolve certain doubts about it.
Would it be possible?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi there and welcome

Can you elaborate on you key questions? Can you sum them up here?

Likely there are people able to answer some of them


Testing how to include Capacitor to an existing project in Angular, I have prepared a mini public tutorial.

I understand that for this, the application developer only needs to follow the tutorial, that is, execute the commands. I want to ask if it would be a good practice to create an archetype of Capacitor and Angular to leave the developer with the structure they need to develop hybrid applications with Capacitor in Angular.

It can also be optional, that is, the developer of the application may only want to make it for the web and not for mobile applications or vice versa.

I leave here the link of the tutorial that I mentioned earlier:
[Tutorial instalación Tornillo con capacitor (Mobile) | Stonly](https://Tutorial add Capacitor to project Angular)

Great question and hoping that many will chip in with their opinion.

My view (not an expert nor corporate experience) is that it depends on the objective. An archetype (I guess I would say - boilerplate/starter app) dictates many things upfront based on standards you believe should be utilised by the developer(s).

Whether they will use it depends on your context. In a corporate context you can easily enforce, but in a public context, people can volunteer. I believe for many projects and tech stacks there are sample/boilerplate/starter apps available on github. The claim is that you can just fork them and then off-you go.

There is a lot of reusability and efficiency in this, but to me, how I develop is very dependent on personal preference and the context. And as APIs change a lot, also version of stuff, these archetypes tend to become too old quickly.

This is why I like tutorials that rely on Command Line Interfaces, as they allow me to quickly be up to speed with a basis. These CLI tools generate what I need on the fly - which boosts productivity.

But this is my view, looking forward hearing others

ps. is this what you mean by archetype?

By archetype I mean:

We have created an Angular project which is going to be cloned by any user, which requires either creating or migrating an application.

The project contains all the dependencies to be able to use all the libraries, that is, the base to start a development.

What we want now as FWK is to support hybrid applications, for that it has been decided to add Capacitor to this archetype, I ask if it makes sense to make a Capacitor archetype integrating it with our Angular one.

Thank you very much in advance,

So looking at this and my post, I guess, the answer is yes, providing it satisfies the considerations I mentioned?

Thank you very much for your help