Are unsecured HTTP requests possible between an Ionic app and an IoT device connected to same WIFI network as the mobile app is running on?

I have a functional website (written in vanilla JS, HTML and CSS) that runs on an IoT device and it is used to configure and test the same device. The webserver that is running on the IoT device is currently unsecured since it will be on a LAN and there will only be communication between the website and the device when a setting needs to be changed (maybe twice per year at maximum).

I would like to convert this website to a mobile app using Ionic framework, however I have seen different answers on if making HTTP unsecured requests from an native app is possible. Can somebody here clear this up for me please?

Unsecured (meaning not using ssl nor tokens) is perfectly doable in an ionic app

In fact, this is not even an ionic thing but an underlying framework q

What do you mean by saying converting in a mobile app using ionic? Only ui? Capacitor? Appflow?

Thanks for the answer!

When saying I would like to convert the mobile app using Ionic, I mean to say I would like to create a mobile app using my existing source files. So effectively porting the code to Ionic.


Then I think the thing you want to do is use Capacitor to put your web code in an android/ios container for deployment to users - right?

Then the challenge is to put these assets in a folder capacitor sees. To me the capacitor docs are pretty clear, but maybe you have q?

When you want to release as pwa, I think there are different steps needed - for which you may need more documentation - turning a plain vanilla project into a PWA

Yes right, I need to use Capacitor for this.

So far, I have no questions but thank you very much for your interest in my query.

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