Are Ionic view servers down?

I haven’t used Ionic for the last year but just started a new project and created a new account today. I have just created a new test app, assigned a ssh key, uploaded it to ionic pro then:

  1. Clicked share app
  2. Selected public view app
  3. Opened up both versions of Ionic view on android and iOS devices to test

This is the AppId being provided in

First problem I have is that I cannot sign in with my newly created user account. The password is definitely correct because I can sign in and out on the desktop but the iOS app is not accepting my credentials. The strange thing is that I am able to sign in with my old Ionic account in the iOS app. Which is why I am wondering if you are having problems with the servers today.

And lastly if I try to view the app using the public view appID it says that no public channels for AppId can be found.


  1. I have verified my email
  2. I have set the project to public

Search for “Ionic View” here in the forum:“Ionic%20View”%20order%3Alatest There were several identical posts.

The gist of it is:

Ionic launched their new Ionic Pro offering and Ionic View is a bit broken/unintuitive right now. You probably created an account on the (similar looking) new dashboard. There is a new Ionic View app (blue icon instead of white) (for iOS only right now) where your login will work.

You can read more here and here

Aaahh ok … when did the migration to the new blue Ionic Pro begin? And do you have any vague idea when it will be completed so I can come back and continue with my evaluation ? I saw a warning message on the old Ionic view system that mentioned January 2018.

In the meantime I can successfully log into the old system here - and successfully preview apps using the Ionic view with the white background on the iPad. So will go back to testing there for now unless you have a better suggestion of course.

And for anyone else experiencing the problem this is the new version which is not currently working (30th August 2017)- - The iPad app Ionic View Pro has a blue background

The current error I am getting is:

this.accountAppsMap.set is not a function (In this.accountAppsMap.set(n,t)) this.accountAppsMap.set is undefined.

No, absolutely no idea what is going on here. The docs/pro/ link I posted now also redirects to the Zendesk thing, I assume all content that was available there before is now at the Zendesk helpdesk.

I assume this will level out in the next few days and weeks, but you would have to talk to someone from Ionic themselves to be sure. The new dashboad has an Intercom/Zendesk contact thing on the bottom right or use