Aqua Hydration

I created my first app with Ionic Framework!

I am Andrew a 17 year old teenager that loves programming and entrepreneurship. I created my app Aqua Hydration for myself originally because hydration has always been a big issue for me. My app looks at your health and activity data to create a water suggestion. You go through your day using the app with notifications reminding you to drink water and after drinking anything you put in the type of drink then how much of the drink you had. It’s meant to be helpful but unobtrusive and fast to use. I have plans for more competitive features and even smarter suggestions based on weather and your drinking preferences.

It would be great for you guys to support me by downloading and give me advice around my app or about anything really.

For your website and button “Download App” you could get the official logo/button “Download in the App Store” at the following address

Thanks for the link!