Appstore rejection if you fetch a remote directive?

As part of the design of our new app, I’m deciding whether to store the custom directives in the app package locally, or reference them with a script tag remotely. The advantage of doing it remotely is that I can tweak the UI of the directive without having to re-submit the app… Will doing this cause an automatic rejection from Apple? I just don’t have any experience with this, so would appreciate any insights on this.

I do not know the exact answer because Apple has been known to be a bit fluid in its approval process. However, the guidelines I understand you can load data from a remote server but you shouldn’t load assets that are part of your app. That would allow you to modify the behavior of the app without versioning in the AppStore.

I would include files directly in the app. Besides the fear of rejection from Apple, it would force the app to be considered fully stable or final before you release it.

It is not allowed for an app to download any executable code.

@claw is correct, all executable code needs to be included in your app archive.