Apps look enlarged on Android compared to iOS

I tried searching for this topic but couldn’t find anything which seems kind of weird to me.

Anyway, we’re building an Ionic 2 app and we all agree that it looks enlarged on Android and you can’t see nearly as much on the screen as on Android.

On this screen i compare:
Left side: Honor 8 (devicePixelRatio: 3, 423ppi; we also tried a Samsung, similar screen, same results)
Right side: iPhone 6 (devicePixelRatio: 2, 326ppi)

As you see, even though I have a bigger phone it only shows part of the screen.
This can be seen in other Ionic apps as well:

So we thought, okay, it’s probably because of the devicePixelRatio that is a little bit too high on Androids.
But then we checked on iPhone 7 Plus (devicePixelRatio: 3, 401ppi) with the current version of our app compared to again a screenshot of Honor 8:

Honor 8:

Hi there!
So in this case, it doesn’t seem like anything is actually wrong.
Most components that are material design are a bit larger by default.
Comparing say a tab bar in ios vs android, the ios one is around 44px while the android one is a bit larger.
So all you’re seeing if that happening.

You can do a quick sanity check by changing the mode to ios for android and seeing that it gets smaller.