Application Would be copy


Hi… this is silly question i just new in mobile development, if we build say android application, publishing and we going to sell it on Google play store, would it be our apk can be copy from one gadget to another gadget illegally? How can we avoid to being that? thanks for responds :smile:


I detected this long ago,
actually if you download the apk and extract the content, you have the entire app,
the www folder.
It is something you should consider.
Do not know if anyone has been able to study the possibility of encrypting the www folder or something.


yes yedeba thank for your reply, if i buid web or web applications when i run local host web server of my client he will get or source inside of it, except if i run into hosting company, i just wondering for mobile application actually is setup locally into client gadget, if he be able to copy apk extension and move to his friends smartphone it will run illegally. I just need and wondering about this :slight_smile: