Application paused in background get killed after 1 minute

Hi there.
I am developing my first application with Ionic 2. The problem is that when my application goes in background, after 1 minute it get killed! I guess by android OS.

I can tell that because when I pause my application and open it again, ( both from my menu of running applications or from the app’s icon) if one minute has passed my app will start from the point where i left it, (same page without reloading it) otherwise, even if i still can find my app in the menu of running applications, my application will restart.

I noticed that because I need to do some task in background when the app get paused, but after one minute my app get killed and even my ionic app get disconnected from chrome://inspect/#devices.

But even if my paused app get killed i still can find it in the menus of running apps!

I implemented the login with firebase, but I don’t think that it could be related to this issue because the application get killed both when I paused from the login page or home page.

I don’t really know what to do guys, if you have any suggestion or if you know why this is happening let me know please