Application is getting Zoom on more than three or more tab/click


Hi ,The Application is getting Zoom on more than three click/tap (sequence click like double tab).How to fix it.

I have added a Video in Youtube.Please click here to see the issue


Hmm, just downloaded ng-europe app and couldn’t get it to zoom. Maybe a setting on your actual device?


@mhartington hmm .it could be.


What kind of device are you using?


@mhartington I have tested with OnePlus one mobile and Lenova A369i. Both the Device reflect the same issue.But it is not related to application done in ionic framework.I have tested other Native application also.The same effect it the issue might be with the devices or with their ROM.


Oh nice a oneplus one? Wanted to get one of those

Yeah it could be, I know one plus runs cyanogen as their os, does the lenova have cyanogenmod installed as well?


Oh nice! I was scared may be this was some problem based on beat 14. If their native application has the same response to multi taps, then you should happily leave it as it is, because the users who use onePlusOne by default expect zoom to fire when they tap multiple times.


@mhartington yes the OnePlus one running on Cyanogen mod.But the Lenova device running on Android Jelly bean Version.but they also customized the OS to show different.


@siddhartha yes ,Initially I thought it is because of the Hybrid application framework.not only with ionic but other framework also like jquery.Then I tested with some samsung device I didnt get the finally I realized that the problem not with the framework it depends on the OS.