Apple Music Kit JS

Im trying to integrate Apples Music Kit into the app. But at auth in build version i get redirected to a browser tab. From there the app does not collect anything from session and i can’t get dev token. I tried use InAppBrowser package to override to be in in app browser but there is no use in it. Inside apple’s script i found out that script creates a form via document.createElement(“form”)

ServiceSetupView.prototype._buildFormElement = function (e, t, r) {
        void 0 === t && (t =, void 0 === r && (r = this.developerToken);
        var i = document.createElement("form");
        i.setAttribute("method", "post"), i.setAttribute("action", e), i.setAttribute("target", t), = "none";
        var n = document.createElement("input");
        n.setAttribute("name", "jwtToken"), n.setAttribute("value", r), i.appendChild(n);
        var o = document.createElement("input");
        o.setAttribute("name", "isWebPlayer"), o.setAttribute("value", "true"), i.appendChild(o);
        var a = document.createElement("input");
        return a.setAttribute("name", "LogoURL"), a.setAttribute("value", "test"), i.appendChild(a), i

I tried to replace

 i.setAttribute("target", t)


 i.setAttribute("target", "_self")

and it did work in dev env when app launches in browser but on native build it still opens a system browser :confused:

If someone had such issue before and can help it would be great. Thanks!

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any further progress here? Thanks!