Apple App Rejected due to App Icon not exporting from Ionic Creator


I have setup my app icon in Ionic Creator and successfully exported my .ipa.

I submit the .ipa thru XCode no problems.

My app is being rejected b/c it says the App Icon included with the binary does not match the Apple Store Icon I uploaded?

I cannot change the app icon included in the binary after the fact and it looks like the App Icon is some robotic default icon when submitted via XCode. I have no idea where or what this app icon value is? Please see screenshot…I do not see anywhere in the instructions for submitting an app via XCode where to include my own App Icon and it looks like on the Upload Icon & Splash Screen in Ionic creator that there is a note that says these are not exported (see attached). If they are not included with my export, how do I get them into my submission?

Screenshot Here


That robot is the default icon from Cordova.

What icon does the app get when you install it? The proper one?

In general this here is a community forum, for problem with Ionic services you should contact support at to get someone from them to look at it.


I get the robot when I install it too. It does not matter as it’s rejected by Apple and I have no control over what is packaged into the .ipa when Ionic Creator compiles and exports the project to .ipa.

I have no idea where the default Cordova icon is coming from. I input my App Icon and Splash screen on the proper screen in the Screenshot I attached and then I export from Ionic Creator and they send me an .ipa to upload to the App Store using XCode.

Thanks, I opened a ticket with their support but I’ve had very little success get responses much less in a timely manner. I’m hoping the community can guide me on something I’m doing wrong.


Did this work before for that app?

Apple recently changed stuff around a bit. Before you uploaded an app icon manually, now it is part of the app an extracted from there (so you don’t have to upload 2 things). This might cause things to get tripped up.


It looks like in the original binary I uploaded when I created the app it was the robot icon as well…I’m thinking it slipped by their review process?

So it looks like Ionic Creator needs to include the App/Splash icon in the .ipa export and is not?


No idea, maybe also something else is going wrong there - no experience.


Hopefully somebody familiar with Ionic Creator can jump in. I’m not sure how many people are actually using this to publish apps in the app store. Unless I’m missing something they won’t get approved if the default icon used does not match the app screenshots.


So I tried to match the app icon (cordova default logo) bundled with my ipa with the app store icon of the same since I have no control over app icon Ionic Creator packages with their .ipa and got immediately rejected. I’m not sure how the original version got approved but I can’t add a new version until I get the app icon included in the .ipa exported from the App/Splash Icon.


Wow, awesome that they have an automated check for it.
Bad for you though…


Considering this is automatically handled with Ionic Creator compiles and send the .ipa of the project for submission it basically breaks Ionic Creator from producing an .ipa for submission to the Apple App store.

Basically Ionic Creator is useless. It would be WONDERFUL if somebody could at least acknowledge the issue since I’m paying for PRO level services.


Not in the community forum. We are just users.
If you are paying for support, you have other channels as the one I linked above.