Appflow - Native Deployment (iOS) Crash on splash screen

Hi All,

I have encountered a problem that I have not faced before, and was hoping others have. I have built an app via Appflow Package Builds (iOS > Developer build) and deployed it to an iOs device (I’ve done this process with many other devices). However, upon starting the app it crashes and I get the following error in the logs:

Can't get most elevated app state from dictionary {
    BKSApplicationStateExtensionKey = 0;
    SBApplicationStateDisplayIDKey = "";
    SBApplicationStateKey = 0;
    SBApplicationStateProcessIDKey = 8343;
    SBApplicationStateRunningReasonsKey =     (
            SBApplicationStateRunningReasonAssertionIdentifierKey = Resume;
            SBApplicationStateRunningReasonAssertionReasonKey = 10000;

No other errors are displayed. I’d welcome any input if anyone has experienced anything similar.

This was solved due to the Firebase Analytics plugin requesting permissions that were not defined via the App Store. By removing or modifying the permissions the app was able to run.