Appending slider-pager into header/nav-bar, instead of to slider

Hey all,

I’ve been trying to place the slider-pager into an ion-nav-bar, but I’ve been finding it difficult.

First I started with pure CSS. This turned out to be a bit of a nightmare—I played around with the z-index and position, but I couldn’t get the pager to show on top of the nav bar, it’s always underneath. (Maybe I’m missing something…).

Next I tried simply grabbing the element and .appendChild’ing it to the header. This works, but it’s a pain to manage, because my app requires multiple slide-boxes—so each time I have a new state, I have to remove the old one and reinsert the new one, which I’ve found to be unreliable (sometimes it can’t find the node to remove, or it removes both).

I was wondering if I could simply change the insertion / append location in the source code. Does anyone know where I might find the relevant source, and what I might change to get it to append to another location in the DOM?

I think it’s here, but I can’t figure out what to change…