App works well with IonicView but not with TestFlight

I have prepared an ionic app for the iOS platform and I have tested it with IonicView. Unfortunately, when I tested it with Apple’s TestFlight it does not work as expected. More specifically, some operations take forever and I’ve noticed that if I switch views, or bring the app in the background, things get a little bit faster. Navigating from one page to another works fine, but for instance visiting an external URL through the inappbrowser cordova plugin takes forever (I’m using https if this makes any difference). Eventually all operations are completed, so it’s not they are not working at all, but it takes just too much time (minutes) and sometimes I’ll have to press the home button to complete the tasks.

FYI, I have compiled the app using the Ionic Pro services and the test device is using iOS 10.x

Has anyone else experienced the same behavior?

Then I would suggest changing the category to Ionic Pro unless you tested it also on your own machine.

what operations?

Hi there,
I have re-posted this topic under the “Ionic Pro” category. I have also included details for the operations that are not working as expected and the config/plugins I’m using: