App works well with 'ionic serve' but not in ionic view app

I made a simple Ionic 2 app with a list, button and AngularFire. I can add an element on a list with the ‘add’ button and the list is synchronized with my firebase db. Each item can be deleted by swiping it all the way to the left.

Everything goes well on my web browser with ionic serve -c -l command; but it does not in my ionic view app.

I created an app on the dashboard; linked to my local app and commited with the following commands:

$git status
$git add .
$git commit -m "(message)"
$git push ionic master

When I open the app on my phone, the add button doesn’t get tapped. And swiping items to delete doesn’t always work.

As far as I know there’s no problem on the code, because the simulation on a web browser works as I expected. Is the problem on pushing the app on Ionic pro? Please let me know to add more info to figure out the problem if any.