App store require Documents for authorized to distribute the content

i publish my application on app store but it’s not accepted in several time and the reviewer request for the document for authorized to distribute the content
but i don’t know how to document ?

the app store reviewer Answer :

Thank you for your message. Please respond with documentation attached, using the upload feature, evidencing that Jenyar has been authorized to distribute the content owned by the artists. Once Legal has reviewed your documentation and confirms its validity, we will proceed with your application review.

please if anybody know about this guide me

Do you have authorization to distribute the content included in your app? If so, it shouldn’t be too hard to upload some documentation of this.

sorry but i didn’t understood

Apple requires confirmation from you that you are allowed to include the stuff in your app that you did include in your app. Are you allowed to include the things or did you steal them?

all data come from my api site and contents not infringement Copyright

If you created the content yourself, you can just tell them.
If you did not, you have to have licences and tell them about those.