App start takes a long time to get file system

Recently I created an update to my app, and it was failing on iOS but worked fine on Android. When I investigated more I found that it was due to the iOS taking a long time to gain access to the file system.

I don’t think it is a “platform ready” issue this time, as the other services seem to be available, it’s just the file system that takes about a minute to be ready.

Had anyone else had an issue like this lately? I’ll be digging into it more, but maybe someone else has experiences something similar and this could help me get a head start.

For a bit of technical info, I have a resolve on my “app” state, and in that resolve it injects my storage service, which initializes the base file path to cordova.file.dataDirectory and from there I have sub directories for various components for offline use.

I use phonegap build to build my app.