App runs differently when deployed to ionic pro

I have an app that puts a spinner up, waiting on a file to be read, parsed, and the platform to be ready. It works just fine when tested locally in ionic serve or ionic lab in my browser, but when I pushed it all to ionic pro and tested in ionic view on 2 Android phones it does not get past the spinner - it just spins and spins. I left it alone for an hour and it was still spinning.

Is it common for apps to behave differently in pro versus locally? Any anti-patterns I should look for in my code to see if I inadvertently caused this? Are there debugging options?


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I resolved this… I was missing a file in my setup in src/assets/data… I was testing locally and the file was in www/assets/data, but when I pushed to git and it built in ionic pro the file was missing. It’s weird that I didn’t get an exception when the code tried to load it, though.



@Bschuhma I think I’m having a similar issue related to assets and WKWebView. What was your fix to get the file in there after building through Pro?