App Rejected by Google - Webview - Ionic PWA V5 - SOLVED MAYBE

I’ve had an app rejected by Google…

We don’t allow apps whose primary purpose is to provide a webview of a website, regardless of ownership, or to aggregate content that does not belong to the developer. To resolve this issue, please remove violating content and resubmit your app.
Now the website exists as an Ionic PWA but the app is compiled with Ionic and does not rely on the presence of this website at all.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and know how to resolve this?

I can’t remove the website at the moment, but if I did, would I be more likely to get to app approved, or is there something inherent in the way that Ionic compiles apps that this app will always be regarded as a WebView???

The full rejection message began with…

“Issue: Violation of Families Policy Requirements
Apps that contain elements that appeal to children must comply with all Families Policy Requirements. We found the following issue(s) with your app:”

I had specified the app as suitable for children during registration. Updating the age categories re-submitted it and it was approved.

No idea what this means for apps that are specifically targeted for children and written with Ionic???