App Rate fails

Adding the App Rate module to my app but it fails with

**To Native Cordova -> NativeStorage setItem NativeStorage1731534331 ["options": [counter, {"applicationVersion":"3.0.0","countdown":4}]]**

**To Native Cordova -> AppRate launchiOSReview INVALID ["options": [<null>, 0]]**

It shows the two dialog boxes ‘Do you like our App Y/N’ and ‘Do you want to rate Never / Later / Now’ (this is from memory, not accurate texts).
But when I tap now it throws the error above.
While the error shows in Xcode logs, the app shows a blank modal screen that can be swiped out and the app can be used.

The preferences are set as in the example

usesUntilPrompt: 3,
  storeAppURL: {
   ios: 'id123456789',
   android: 'market://details?' //,
  // disabled - have no 
  // windows: 'ms-windows-store://review/?ProductId=<store_id>'

Does it work for anyone else?

I recently had trouble with last version of cordova-plugin-apprate so i downgraded it an older (one year) version (1.5.0). Now it works as expected. Capacitor can have a similar issue.

  initAppRate() {
    this.appRate.preferences = {
      usesUntilPrompt: 5,
      useLanguage: 'en',
      displayAppName: 'appName',
      promptAgainForEachNewVersion: false,
      inAppReview: true,
      storeAppURL: {
        ios: 'appleId',
        android: 'market://details?id=packageName',
      openUrl: function (url) {, '_blank', 'location=yes');
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Thanks! In my case it works by using cordova-plugin-apprate@1.5.0 and @ionic-native/app-rate@5.28.0 and by using the same preferences than yours

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Are you on Cordova or Capacitor? @camdeveloper