App page loads in all devices except LG G2

we are developing an app using ionic and firebase.
we are using the standard login of firebase in this case. after clicking ‘sign in’ the landing page load on iphone 6, nexus 5 and samsung neo but does not load in LG G2. If i enter incorrect credentials it does give and error. if i register as new user it does create a user node in firebase. we attempted accessing with 3G & wifi, so we discarded network and firebase for error.

i have tried clearing app data, reinstalling ionic, restarting phone but nothing seems to work.

i am confused how can the app load and work just fine in all devices except one device.

any suggestions guys?

Have you used Chrome remote debugging via USB?

i have the same probleme in ionic 3. in all other device off my friends, my ionic app work very well but in my LG G2 i can’t navigate from one page to another.
any people can’t help me?